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About Ms. Green Jeans

Ms Green Jeans is a small horticulture enterprise based in Ottawa and run by Claire McCaughey since 2015.  Ms Green Jeans specializes in designing and maintaining small urban gardens that are both beautiful and sustainable (for their owners, for the environment and from a cost point of view).  Where possible, she incorporates edible and native plants into her designs and also includes plants for every season.


Claire McCaughey has a Certificate in Sustainable Urban Horticulture (2014) and Landscape Design (2019) from the University of Guelph.  She is also a member of Master Gardeners of Ottawa-Carleton since 2015.  In addition, she is a 4th Grade Teacher of Sogetsu Ikebana (the Japanese art of floral design) and participates annually at exhibitions at the Museum of Nature and the Embassy of Japan.  

She has a lifelong interest in practical gardening and growing plants (both indoors and outdoors).   



Contact Information:




Phone: (613) 852-4522


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