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Ms. Green Jeans is an Ottawa business, specializing in the design and maintenance of small urban gardens.  The gardens we create are beautiful as well as sustainable and eco-friendly.  We are tapping into growing interest in Ottawa in our natural environment, local food, green spaces, and making our neighbourhoods beautiful and sustainable.  We provide a variety of garden services.

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Garden Consultation and Coaching


Many people have gardens already but would like to do more with the space they have but don't always have the time, energy or knowledge to do it themselves. 

Ms. Green Jeans will meet with you and discuss your garden needs and provide planting suggestions, design ideas for your space, and garden maintenance recommendations.  

If you are starting a garden from scratch, Ms. Green Jeans can advise you on how to get started.

Cost (2023)$65/hr (design)

Cost (2023): $40/hr (maintenance)



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Landscaping and Garden Maintenance

You may have a well-established garden but you need help with ongoing maintenance such as pruning shrubs, dividing perennials, selecting new plants, dealing with invasive plants and weeds, installing plant supports and mulches, and many other tasks to make your garden look good.

Cost (2023): $50 per hour for small gardens.  Enquire about rate for large properties.

Landscape Design and Plans

Some property owners would like to have a detailed landscape design plan to work with to assist them in developing their garden space over the longer term. 


Ms Green Jeans can prepare a landscape design plan which describes and documents your site, identifies and captures your needs and vision, and includes a design plan with technical drawings.

Cost (2023)

 $120.00 per hour

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